Audiophile Base

Audiophile base has long been aware of the music lovers and aficionado’s desire to improve their system performance and over all sound quality.

For those music lovers wishing to make the finishing touches to their system or for those demanding audiophiles seeking greater system performance. The Audiophile base dedicated amplifier vibration control technology has the ability to deliver these atributes. For those audiophiles with larger stereo chassis or bigger mono block amplifiers, Audiophile base has a solution to suit your very own needs

Dedicated amplifier isolation and system placement are normally low down the list of the audiophile possible avenues of exploration into obtaining improved performance.

By effectively helping the amplifier server its mechanical bonds by decoupling the unit from the floor, the Audiophile base amplifier isolation platforms can improve bass response (depth and texture), present a cleaner vocal presence while also improving upper frequency detail and openness.

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