AudioLab 6000A Play

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”This is a seriously capable ‘smart integrated’ that never loses sight of the amplifier part of its remit and delivers a performance that is never less than enjoyable.” ’AV Forums’ – Recommended.

Two greats – combined
Take the award-winning Audiolab 6000A amplifier, add the network connectivity from the acclaimed 6000N Play and you’ve got a highly talented combo of the two – the 6000A Play. This wireless streaming audio player provides the hub for all your music sources, plus the amplification – just add your choice of speakers and you’re ready to go.

DTS Play-Fi for effortless music streaming
DTS Play-Fi is a premium, wireless control system that brings everything under one ‘roof’. Download the free app and you’ll not only have access to Internet radio via Sirius XM but also popular music apps such as Spotify, Tidal, Deezer and Amazon Music. As well as streaming from music services, the 6000A Play also streams from NAS drives and PCs with DLNA support.

Plug in your CD, TV and games console
As well as streaming, the 6000A lets you hook up your other digital sources. Twin optical and coaxial input let you connect your TV, CD, Blu-ray/DVD and games console. Once connected, you not only benefit from the Audiolab’s award-winning amp tech but also the reference quality digital electronics – giving amazing clarity and detail.

Bluetooth your smartphone
For quick and easy connectivity with your smartphone, simply use the Bluetooth link. Ideal for smartphones, tablets and laptops with Bluetooth, this wireless connection gives easy access to music stored on your phone and music streaming services, such as Spotify, Tidal and Deezer.

And not forgetting your turntable
With all its digital connections, the 6000A Play still hasn’t forgotten about your analogue sources. As well as three line level inputs, there’s also a handy turntable input for decks with a MM (Moving Magnet) cartridge. The high quality, low noise phono pre-amp delivers a full-bodied balance that does justice to the warmth and depth of vinyl sound.

Award-winning, Audiolab sound
Using a substantial power supply, the 6000A Play has plenty of grunt. The Class AB amp produces 50 watts per channel, giving effortless, room-filling sound. The pre-amp section of the amp uses independent, low noise power supplies at critical stages – reducing distortion and increasing the detail. For powerful, life-like sound there’s little in its class to match the 6000A Play.

Digital filters tailor the sound
For a more tailored sound, the 6000A Play features a user-selectable digital filter. Select from Fast Roll-off, Slow Roll-off or Minimum Phase to adjust the sound precisely to your preference.

Excellent sound for your headphones
Incorporating a dedicated headphone amp with current-feedback circuitry, the 6000A Play makes the ideal driver for your headphones. Dynamic and detailed sounding, the 6000A’s headphone amp is a big step-up on most amps. It also offers ample power, so it drives even the most current-hungry ‘phones.

Multi-room potential
More than just a single zone music streamer, Play-Fi offers the potential for full multi-room music. Simply add other Play-Fi compatible sources and you’ll quickly be able to build up a comprehensive music system around your home – all under the control of a powerful app.

For a networking amp combo that gets the very best from all your music speakers, just add speakers.